Why New Cars Need Roadside Assistance

If you've recently bought a new car or are considering purchasing one, roadside assistance might be the last thing you're thinking about. People typically associate older cars with the need for roadside assistance, as older cars tend to suffer wear and tear over the years - and miles - that make them susceptible to breaking down. The reality is, new cars need roadside assistance too, even if you just drove the vehicle off the dealer's car lot. Here are the three biggest reasons why going without roadside assistance coverage for a new car is a bad idea.

Battery Strain

All modern cars use batteries, but new cars rely on them more than old cars do. Most older cars require a battery in order to ignite the engine, run the radio, lights, and so forth, but modern cars are loaded with conveniences that rely on battery power. Satellite radio, keyless entry, keyless ignition, Bluetooth communication with cell phones and even the digital displays all demand electrical power from the car's battery. Unfortunately, this often means that newer cars burn through electrical power faster than older cars did. Despite technical advances and improvements over the years, your car still won't start without a functioning battery. If your vehicle's battery runs low, you may find yourself in dire need of a jumpstart, which roadside assistance will gladly provide.

Technology Problems

New technology in cars allows for modern marvels that old cars just can't compete with. New cars have onboard computer systems that can calculate how many miles you can drive on your current tank of gas, diagnose problems with your vehicle, and allow you to access your car with just a thumbprint. Unfortunately, computers can have aberrant problems arise at any given time. If something's wrong with the computer in your car, you may not be able to drive or start the vehicle, even if you have a full tank of gas, a functioning engine, and a full battery. In times like these, being able to rely on a tow truck to bring your car to a dealership for repairs is a huge relief.

No Spare Tires

Lastly, you might be surprised to learn that many new vehicles sold no longer come with spare tires. While a spare tire was once considered a nearly-mandatory part of a new vehicle purchase, that's just no the case anymore. According to a recent report, nearly a third of all new vehicles sold don't include spare tires. If you haven't had time to pick up a spare tire or don't intend to buy one to keep in your car, you should definitely have roadside assistance. A simple flat or a blown-out tire could leave you stranded without roadside assistance, even if you have the strength and know-how to replace tires.

Roadside assistance provides peace of mind that no matter where you go and what time you're on the road, help is available whenever trouble strikes. While your new car might seem like it's so perfect that it can't break down, problems can happen to any vehicle, including new ones. Don't let yourself get stranded without roadside assistance.