Prepare For Winter Road Emergencies With Comprehensive Planning

As the colder months arrive, snowfall and ice become bigger problems. Especially for winter road trip and long-haul truck drivers, getting stranded during the winter can be a devastating event with unique dangers that can't be solved by simply walking down the road. Here are a few winter road emergency issues, along with planning points to keep yourself safe.

Map Your Trip With Landmarks And Cellular Contact

Many people travel by using mobile navigation apps and maps, and a few people still use printed maps. Both are viable for finding your way, but neither are great for pinpointing your location if you need to give emergency service or friends and relatives your location. Unless you're already familiar with the area, you'll be searching for landmarks other reference points after the emergency happens.

It's smarter to have a more focused overlay of your area. With mobile navigation apps, you can get coordinates and distances from specific locations, which can make it easier for emergency towing services to get to you. Unfortunately, Global Positioning Service signals aren't strong in all areas, and you may not be able to get a signal if your vehicle breaks down in a remote area of a highway or in a small town.

Use a service such as OpenSignal to look for outage areas along your trip. Coverage maps will show both normal areas with no coverage because of a lack of towers, as well as maintenance areas and low signal areas. If your vehicle breaks down in these areas, you'll at least have a better idea of the area and you can know which way to go to get a signal.

Staying Safe When Snowed In

If your vehicle breaks down in a snowstorm, it's time to stay warm and signal for help. You need to have a low-tech option for keeping warm and getting in contact with others, and you need to take advantage of new technology for a possible fast track to rescue.

Make sure to an emergency blanket made of aluminum, mylar, or similar materials. These blankets may be loud and a bit awkward, but if they can keep astronauts warm, they can do the same thing for you.

Keep an emergency road kit that has a flare, road markers, and other tools. These will help you illuminate your vehicle if it begins blending in with the rest of the snow, and can warm people who may be veering too close.

Contact towing services professionals for other tips and tools, and keep their number in your contacts to get help when you need it. To learn more, visit a website like