When Is it Crucial to Have Your Vehicle Towed to the Auto Repair Shop?

When it is time to have your vehicle repaired by a professional mechanic, you might find yourself starting to wonder just how much all of that will end up costing you. For some people, those thoughts will lead them to the decision to simply try to go ahead and drive their vehicle to the auto repair shop instead of making use of the local towing services. While that might be okay in some circumstances, there are plenty of times when this would not be the best thing to do. Here are some of those times:

You Hear a Thumping Noise Coming from Under the Hood

You might not be sure if it actually the engine making the noise, but it may seem like it. After all, when engines are experiencing some major trouble, they are known to make what some might refer to as a knocking sound. If you even slightly suspect that this might be what is going wrong with your vehicle, you will want to refrain from driving it any further. The more you drive it, the more likely it is that your engine could completely lock up and when it does that, your mechanic will be unable to repair it. You will have no choice but to replace it with a brand new engine, used one, or a rebuilt one.

You Feel the Vehicle Wobbling

If you have noticed what you can only describe as a wobbling sensation when you drive the vehicle, it is time to stop driving it, and park it in one spot until it can be towed to a trusted mechanic's shop. It could be anything from a bent frame to a ball joint that is breaking. You could also be experiencing some trouble with the axle. Either way, this is not a vehicle that should be driven anymore until it is repaired. If you continue to drive it, you are not only possibly making the problem worse, but you are putting your life and the lives of others at risk. This is especially true if you are driving at a higher rate of speed.

Should you decide that your vehicle is experiencing one of those problems, or another problem that is equally worrisome, you will want to go ahead and call for a tow truck. You will be glad that you didn't put yourself or your financial status at any additional risk. To learn more about towing services, contact services like Maggio Truck Center.