Three Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt To Unlock Your Own Car During A Lockout

Locking yourself out of your own car tends to make you feel a little embarrassed, a little ashamed, and/or a little less intelligent than you really are. It is okay; it happens to everyone at least once in their lives. However, as much as you may need or want to get back into your vehicle right away, do not attempt to unlock your own car during a lockout. You should always get a community police officer, a locksmith, or a towing service that will unlock cars. Here is why a DIY car unlocking during a lockout is not a good idea.

People Misinterpret Things

There have been lots of cases where people have tried breaking into their own vehicles only to have to deal with the police because passers-by thought thieves were trying to steal those cars. Usually, this occurs when people are trying to break into their vehicles in parking lots, when strangers do not know that the owners of these vehicles are actually the owners. The situations are completely misinterpreted by would-be good Samaritans.

Avoid unwanted contact with the police and a possible arrest by at least calling the local police in advance to tell them what you are going to do to your own vehicle. They will ask you your name and your car's make, model, and license plate numbers. That way, if any stranger does call in to say that someone is trying to break into a car in a parking lot, the police will not send an officer out to address the situation.

Car Alarms

While car alarms are great for any vehicles that reside in a major city and/or bad neighborhood, they are definitely not owner-friendly when you are locked out of your vehicle. When you attempt to break into your own vehicle, the alarms get really loud and really obnoxious really fast. The alarms draw a lot of attention, and none of it good. To make matters worse, if you are unable to unlock your car within a short amount of time, you may be cited for failing to comply with the city's noise ordinance. Then, you would have to pay for someone to finish unlocking your vehicle, PLUS the citation for noise!

Breaking Glass Is Not Covered by Insurance If You Broke It

In an attempt to get into your vehicle, you may be tempted to break the window. If you do not break the window intentionally, but you break it accidentally while trying to use a "slim jim" to pry open the door, that is just as bad. Your car insurance will not cover any damages you cause to your car window trying to break into your vehicle during a lockout. They will not cover any intentional glass breaking, and accidental glass breaking is questionable at best, since you could have and should have called a professional to open your car door for you in the first place. 

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