Getting Your Heavy Equipment Moved

You might need to move some of your heavy equipment soon. This might be due to an up-and-coming job, selling the equipment, or moving your company. Whatever the reason, you are going to need to figure out how to get each piece of heavy equipment from point A to point B while making it as little of a production as possible. Here are some of the things that you are going to want and need to know when it comes to shipping your heavy equipment.

Hire a professional

You want to hire a heavy equipment transportation service who is experienced in moving heavy equipment long distances. When you are discussing your load with the mover, you need to make absolutely sure you are giving them all of the correct information. They will need to know the weight of your load, as well as the correct measurements.

Provide the mover with all the correct information

Depending on the height of your equipment once they get it loaded, they may need to take alternate routes to ensure they don't run into any problems with low bridges or other issues. They also need to have the correct measurements with regards to the width and length of the load so the driver knows which streets can accommodate the load in that respect as well.

Giving the mover the correct weight is another very important thing you need to make sure you are right on. The driver who is going to be hauling your load for you is going to need to be sure they can make it through all the weight stations without a problem. If your load goes over a certain weight, then the driver will need to get special permits ahead of time. Giving them a weight under the actual weight can cause a lot of issues for the driver and can make your load arrive much later then what you had scheduled.

Other problems that can come from not giving the mover the right information include having the mover show up with a truck or flatbed that isn't going to work for the job. Also, they may need to hire a wide load crew to escort them during the trip. If they aren't aware they will be needing this crew, then this can really set them back both time-wise and money-wise. This will be an added expense they didn't know they were going to pay when they gave you the original quote.