Do Electric Cars Need Towing Trucks?

With electric car sales expected to surpass their gas-guzzling counterparts by the year 2030, some car experts are wondering whether tow trucks will eventually be obsolete. It seems like an odd question, but considering that many emergency towing services are fuel-related, some consumers see electric cars as essentially bulletproof from everyday roadside issues.

In reality, while there are many benefits to having an electric car, they're susceptible to many of the same issues that regular cars experience, not the least of which is blown tires and dead batteries. Moreover, the fact that there are not as many charging stations on the road as there probably should be means many unsuspecting EV owners will find themselves stranded. And, since it's not very easy to simply charge the car on the side of the road, emergency towing services are not just a reality for many electric car owners, but in many cases, they're a necessity.

What To Do If Your Electric Car Is Stranded

If you do find yourself needing a towing truck for your electric car, don't panic. The first thing to do is to ask if your local towing company has a portable charger. If so, you're in luck. Just wait for them to come by and charge your vehicle. In some cases, they may have a portable charging unit that they can place on the ground by your car, which enables you to safely and effectively charge your car in no time.

If the company doesn't have portable charging options, then ask for a flatbed truck. Most electric cars do not have the option to put it into neutral, so using a hook and chain to move the car even a couple of blocks can do permanent damage to the motor. Additionally, many EV cars are heavier than the average vehicle, so a chain puts extra strain on the body.

Some people claim that towing an EV will charge the car itself, but there's little info to support that assertion. While it is true that certain vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 can be towed at very slow speeds for a very short distance—usually in the case of an accident—towing most EVs at all can do more harm than good. If you get stuck on the side of the road in an electric car for any reason, it's better to call your local towing service and let them determine the best course of action.