Three Things A Roadside Service Can Do For You (Besides Tow)

Most car insurance policies offer roadside services for policy members that need their car towed. However, these services also offer much more, including flat tire services and battery jump-starts, and they can even try to unlock your car using professional tools.

Fix A Flat

One of the best benefits of roadside assistance is that rather than calling them for a tow due to a blown-out or otherwise broken tire, you can just get said wheel repaired or replaced. It's generally advisable to know how to replace your tire yourself using a few tools and a replacement wheel, but if you are unable to replace the tire yourself, then roadside assistance can do it for you. This can be helpful to those that do not know how to change a tire or are unable to for whatever reason. They will not find nor purchase a new tire for you, but they may be able to direct you to places that do sell tires.

Jump-Start Your Battery

Another great way that roadside assistance can help you without having to actually tow your car is that they can jump-start otherwise dead batteries. This can be helpful to those who can't find anyone else to jump-start their car or if you know you won't have the cables you need. Roadside assistance services generally have a lot of tools on-hand as they move around the city, and they will almost certainly have jumper cables. It's important to note that some roadside services will not directly offer towing, tire changes, battery re-starts, or car unlocking services but will rather connect you with the companies near you that can provide them.

Unlock Your Car

If you have locked yourself out of your car, then you can call your roadside service provider of choice and see if they offer lockout services. While it is technically possible to unlock a car door from the outside, this can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing or you don't want to risk damage to your car. Roadside services can use a pump wedge to force your car door to open or a long-reach tool to try to enter the car. There is a chance that these methods won't work, depending on how easy your car is to access. However, in these cases, your roadside service can call a locksmith.

Roadside assistance can do more than just tow. If you are in need of a tire change, a battery re-start, or need help unlocking your car, then a roadside service can help you directly or connect you with those that can.