4 Fall Conditions That Could Put You At Risk Of A Tow

Fall can be a beautiful season for taking long rides. The change in the foliage alone is a site to behold. Unfortunately, your drive could present potential road hazards that could put you at risk of having to call a towing service for a tow. Here are a few things to be aware of while you log miles on your journeys. 

1. More Intense Sunlight

The sun is positioned lower in the sky during the fall months than summer months. The sunlight comes from a more Southwest direction. Because of the positioning, the sunlight can seem to be more intense, especially in later afternoon hours. 

Be careful when driving directly into sunlight. You may find reduced visibility in these areas. The sun can be blinding and put you at risk of not seeing potential road hazards. 

2. Earlier Sunsets

Days become much shorter in the fall than they have been during the summer. Shorter days mean earlier sunsets. To compound the problem, if you currently live in a state that observes Daylight Savings Time, your clock will "fall back" on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Earlier sunsets mean you may find yourself commuting home after dark. Driving at night can present a struggle in itself. Studies have shown that approximately half of all traffic fatalities happen at night. Reduced visibility, glare from headlights, driver fatigue, and road hazards can be potential problems that leave you on the side of the road or involved in an accident.

3. Increased Wildlife

Increased seasonal wildlife movement during the fall increases the chances of more animals in or around the road. Some animals are forging for food and getting ready to hibernate for winter. Other animals, such as deer are in rutting season, which is when they are looking for mates.

Fall also brings in deer hunting season in most areas. This means that hunters are flushing the deer from their resting places and running them. Too many times the deer run across the road directly into the path of oncoming vehicles. Because deer appear quickly from roadside vegetation, they can be difficult to avoid. 

Due to the size of the deer, deer-car collisions often result in your vehicle being inoperable following the accident. The impact may not even kill the deer but may result in you needing a tow.

4. Increased Weather Extremes

Fall can bring about fickle weather that impacts your visibility. Radiation fog is a common condition found around the country. This fog forms during the night as the air near the ground cools. When the next layer of air begins to cool and stabilize, it creates an even thicker layer of fog. 

Driving through fog can be extremely difficult resulting in an accident. Unfortunately, this may require a towing service to tow your car off the side of the road. 

Reach out to a towing service for more information.