Three Things A Roadside Service Can Do For You (Besides Tow)

Most car insurance policies offer roadside services for policy members that need their car towed. However, these services also offer much more, including flat tire services and battery jump-starts, and they can even try to unlock your car using professional tools. Fix A Flat One of the best benefits of roadside assistance is that rather than calling them for a tow due to a blown-out or otherwise broken tire, you can just get said wheel repaired or replaced.

Do Electric Cars Need Towing Trucks?

With electric car sales expected to surpass their gas-guzzling counterparts by the year 2030, some car experts are wondering whether tow trucks will eventually be obsolete. It seems like an odd question, but considering that many emergency towing services are fuel-related, some consumers see electric cars as essentially bulletproof from everyday roadside issues. In reality, while there are many benefits to having an electric car, they're susceptible to many of the same issues that regular cars experience, not the least of which is blown tires and dead batteries.

3 Helpful Tips When Searching For A Towing Company

Having your vehicle break down out of nowhere is a stressful thing to experience, but that's why towing companies exist. They can come to your location and take you to the nearest repair shop. So that this towing experience is convenient all the way through, keep these tips in mind when searching for a towing company.  Consider Emergency Services If you just had your vehicle break down at an odd hour of the night, you probably don't want to leave your vehicle just sitting there because something could happen to it.